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Lucknow’s Chin brothers and their moment in spotlight with Maple Leafs

At the Toronto Maple Leafs training camp in September 1944, the hockey world briefly focused its attention on Lucknow, Ont., as three brothers put on an amazing exhibition.

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The first night at the Gardens was about promise

Through the history of Toronto teams in the NHL, a celebrated collection of personalities has walked the blue carpet to centre ice to perform the ceremonial faceoff, including governors general, politicians, war heroes, Olympic champions, an astronaut (who dropped the puck from outer space) and esteemed alumni.

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Greatest Among Greats

When pundits challenge each other over the greatest hockey player of all time, three names immediately emerge: Wayne Gretzky, Bobby Orr and Gordie Howe. There is a case to be made for all three, as each changed the game in which they excelled. But if you quiz Gretzky or Orr, both would say without hesitation that Gordie Howe is the best ever, hands-down.

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